Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Character Building

Today I ran in 44 degree temperatures as the sky turned grey and the blustery wind burned my cheeks, chafed my lips, and chilled my hands.  Because of the inclement weather I briefly thought about going back to my car but then I remembered that: I got myself into this overweight, unhealthy mess and now only my sacrifices can get me out.
So I continued...
It began to rain a little but I kept going...

I wanted  to slow down...
...but Lewey continued his sprint!
I began to complain...
And my sister sent me a text response about running in harsh conditions being Character Building.

So I pondered over what exactly was character building about an hour long run in the park... being pulled by my puppy...freezing my bum off!

Here are some things that I came up with:

I believe before your true efforts can be put towards character building there must first be self-deconstruction:

That is the journey...Happy Beyond Fit!

Character building and self deconstruction have a symbiotic relationship.

In the image below is the structure being built or torn down? argument can be made for either side!
DECONSTRUCTION: Listen to your heart and your inner self and find the reasons or triggers that cause you to have decreased will power, lack of faith and self-control. The choices that cause you to be dishonest with yourself and eat unhealthy foods and not exercise.


CHARACTER BUILDING: Embrace the deconstructive elements and act on them to make changes in your life. This makes you a stronger person.

What I've learned thus far on my journey:

Don't be afraid of difficult situations and challenges. Just because something is difficult does not mean it is impossible. It is just hard!  It will take some extra work but will be worth it in the end!

Weight loss after a sedentary lifestyle is difficult...
Having the will power to exercise despite inclement weather is hard...
Neither is impossible...
Both are Character Building.

Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Ain't Nothing Gonna Break My Stride!

Ain't Nothing Gonna Break My Stride!

This is a video clipart montage that I put together to celebrate breaking through 200lbs!
Yeah me!

I am very proud of my accomplishments thus far on my journey.

...and the saga continues: Happy Beyond Fit!

Sunday, November 6, 2011

Lying on Your Driver's License...a Crime?

Is lying on your driver's licence a crime?

I cannot be the only person who has "forgotten" to update the weight section on their drivers licence at renewal time!
I pulled out my licence today to make a credit card purchase and was absolutely floored by the picture. 
I look so fat.
It makes me very sad for that Angela, especially when I look in the mirror today and see how far I still have to go.  Anyway, the weight that was printed on the licence stood out because it stated that I weighed 200lbs.
I do remember intentionally changing this weight about 6 years ago when I needed to replace my loss licence. The weight at that time read 145lbs and I had to be at least 95lbs heavier but I was too ashamed to put 145lbs but not so concerned that I only put 200lbs.

Well I don't think lying about your weight on your drivers licence should be a punishable offense!
The larger crime is the damage that being at an unhealthy weight and unhealthy lifestyle causes the body.

Today when I got on the scale it read 202 lbs...just 2lbs away from the lie I've been telling on my drivers licence for years.
I'm due for a new licence in 2015...
I can't wait to continue to lie on my driver's licence until then...
only this time in the other direction. 
And maybe if someone decides its a crime to  "forget" to change your weight on your drivers licence..
He will pull me over!