Sunday, November 6, 2011

Lying on Your Driver's License...a Crime?

Is lying on your driver's licence a crime?

I cannot be the only person who has "forgotten" to update the weight section on their drivers licence at renewal time!
I pulled out my licence today to make a credit card purchase and was absolutely floored by the picture. 
I look so fat.
It makes me very sad for that Angela, especially when I look in the mirror today and see how far I still have to go.  Anyway, the weight that was printed on the licence stood out because it stated that I weighed 200lbs.
I do remember intentionally changing this weight about 6 years ago when I needed to replace my loss licence. The weight at that time read 145lbs and I had to be at least 95lbs heavier but I was too ashamed to put 145lbs but not so concerned that I only put 200lbs.

Well I don't think lying about your weight on your drivers licence should be a punishable offense!
The larger crime is the damage that being at an unhealthy weight and unhealthy lifestyle causes the body.

Today when I got on the scale it read 202 lbs...just 2lbs away from the lie I've been telling on my drivers licence for years.
I'm due for a new licence in 2015...
I can't wait to continue to lie on my driver's licence until then...
only this time in the other direction. 
And maybe if someone decides its a crime to  "forget" to change your weight on your drivers licence..
He will pull me over!

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