My Journey

My weight loss journey began early August 2011 after I went to my doctor for my annual physical.  I knew that I had put on some extra pounds but the results I received were devastating. I weighed in at a whopping 251 lbs! My waist measurement was 44 inches, blood pressure..high, cholesterol... high, and blood sugar...pre diabetic. Did I forget to mention the abnormal stress test? Or that I'm only 5'3" with these soaring body measurements? Or that I was only 38 years old turning 39 in a couple weeks? Or that I have two beautiful daughters that I want to see grow into women? Or that I still want to write and publish a book...I still haven't rescheduled my trip to Thailand...I forgot to take the chicken out of the freezer to thaw for dinner...These and other thoughts clouded my mind as I drove home.

I didn't become overweight overnight. The weight began to slowly creep on after I began college. After two c-sections and two additional abdominal surgeries the weight continued to pile on year after year. I have always enjoyed fashion and travel and they have both been at the center of my weight conflict.  The more robust my waistline became the better excuse for me to buy larger more expensive clothes that made me feel just as pretty as my smaller version. While traveling, restaurants and eateries were chosen with the same importance as historical sites. And if I'm hundreds of miles from home give me the best you've got! I'll have the lump crab for my small plate, surf and turf for my meal, add some asparagus for color, death by chocolate for dessert. Oh and please I'll have glass of the finest house wine with my meal as well as a dessert pairing for later...

Heavy calorie and fat laden meals with little to no exercise coupled  with a stressful, fast food, microwaveable lifestyle is what got me here.  My birthday was August 22nd and I wanted to enjoy my birthday meal so I decided I would start a diet the very next day after my birthday. This promise was not unlike others I had made to myself over the years in which I had fallen embarrassing short. But on August 6th 2011 I heard words spoken directly to my heart ...special words for me...about love, life, happiness...most importantly that my body couldn't sustain even to the end of the month with the abuse I was putting on it. 

I was immediately changed.

Today is October 8th 2011.  I now weigh 212lbs.  I have cured my body of it's pre-diabetic state and my blood pressure is within the normal range. I exercise. I am careful about what I put in my mouth. I still have more weight to lose. This blog will chronicle my journey to becoming fit and then Happy Beyond Fit.