Thursday, September 13, 2012

Therapeutic Writing

Instead of binge eating I have decided to choose writing as therapy for life!

Instead of a candy bar I pick up a pen...

Instead of being a couch potato I become an idea sprouter...
and I think....
then I cry....
then I write.

I repeat this process until.....
 I step inside my closet and shut the door as the darkness begins again.
Pain had taken a momentary reprieve just long enough for the sun to shine its deceptive rays of forever beneath a crack on the floor.
You see, the shadow never stays away too long. Like an old friend I grab his hand and we begin our stroll as we trample over a bridge called hope and sail down a river of despair.
 This time I don’t even bother to turn around to say goodbye to the light.
Its glow was never meant for girls like me.
Girls who have not yet determined the worth of self, yet walk on this side of the moon.
Priceless treasures foolishly given away to undeserving looters, the sweetest of secrets carelessly spilled in the wind.
No its glow was never meant for girls like me.
So I step inside my hiding place, a coffin of sorts, black and desolate, where I assist in the demise of these gifts.
Weariness begs for an embrace as fleeting glimpses into happiness are barely enough to keep me anchored to this globe.
My murky groom and I exist in a continuum until the light that is eternal shines my way.

I create...then I can breathe again!

Happy Beyond Fit is knowing I don't have to eat the pain away... I can use writing as my therapy!

Anyone for a bag of almonds?

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