Sunday, August 5, 2012

August Again!!!

It is August 2012....
Almost a year since I began my Happy Beyond Fit venture by losing weight and finding Angela!
Although I can't say that I'll be ready to put on a bikini by August 22nd (um my 40th Birthday), however I can honestly say that I am proud of my accomplishments thus far...damn proud! 

I had an ex-boyfriend from college reach out to me back in January. He told me he had seen pictures of me and that I was shrinking and he wondered what happened to me.  The concern in voice immediately clued me in to the fact that he was not talking about my dramatic weight loss.  So I informed him that he had seen old pictures of me and that he should see me now.  My good friend shared in my enthusiasm over my weight loss but again asked me why was I "shrinking" on my photographs.  He also asked me had I found the reasons why things had gotten so out of control with my life, health, and relationships.

I still look back at some of the pictures, some fewer than ten months ago, and wonder how the hell did this happen to me. How did I get so fat?

That is why I titled my blog Happy Beyond Fit...
Now that I am about 20lbs away from my fitness goals and moving forward in life I want to make sure that I am fulfilled emotionally and not trying to eat my way to happiness thus destroying my body and endangering my life and consequently altering my children's future in a negative way.

I wrote all this only to say I am still on my journey. 
I'm off to a great start...but I have more roads to travel before this is over.
I hope I can inspire someone to change their own life along the way...

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