Tuesday, June 5, 2012

When Pizza Orders Me at One O'Clock in the Morning

With tears rolling down my face

The woman that I see isn’t a reflection of hope

A promise of His love for me.

Always doing things in my own time

Doing things my own way 
Then asking Him is this good…

Setting limits on my Blessings

So tired of the pain, so tired of the hurt

I began to pray

Calling on His name

I put so much distance between us with my sin
So thankful that my mother prayed for me

He took the shackles off my feet so I could dance

But the blinders where still on so I was still bound

When I started to get real with myself and my God is when my heart began to change

Now when I say I am special it is because I know it for myself
God has purpose for my life everyday that He wakes me up
When I just say no to a sedentary lifestyle, to negative thoughts, to bad relationships, to bad food choices
I say no because I know my body and my life are unique precious gifts that have been given to me from Him above
My thanks to Him is to praise Him and respect these gifts   
Goodnight Pizza.... I'm Happy Beyond Fit!

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