Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Candy From Strangers...

Accepting candy from strangers has long been a cautionary tale of mischief and perversion. A dark stranger luring a trusting child into harms way. An unsuspecting damsel on a dimly lit street meeting ill fate... 

As I have grown on my journey to becoming Happy Beyond Fit my Candy from Strangers has been more like Pearls of Wisdom... Information that fell upon def ears until I was ready to take personal responsibility for my life, health, and future.
Candy from Strangers for me has been the sweet stories of the dichotomy of failure and success; hope and hopelessness; despair and joy....these are an inevitable part of any worthwhile journey.
The ability to extrapolate meaningful information from others trials as well as grow from your own short comings and struggles makes the victory even sweeter.

 On some future posts I will explore some of the sweet treats that I have received from strangers and friends alike.

Until then here are a few chocolate pearls
from me to get you motivated...

                                                                    Chocolate heart candy on a red plate with pearls Stock Photo - 2125794
                                                           1. Prayer Changes Everything
                                                           2. Love Yourself
                                                           3. Drink Plenty of Water
                                                           4. Write down everything you eat
                                                           5. Talk about your feelings
                                                           6.  Protein is Fuel
                                                           7.  Get Moving
                                                           8. You Can Do This

Be Happy Beyond Fit!

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