Tuesday, October 11, 2011

The Amazing Yo-Yo Dieter: A Spooky Tale

As I continue to shed pounds (41 by the way) in the back of my mind there is a constant fear of gaining the weight back.  The most ridiculous part is that I haven't even reached my weight loss goal of 100lbs by 40.  Excuse me but I'm having a moment..I thought this many times since I began this journey but this is the first time I've said it aloud or put it in print so once again...my final weight loss goal is to drop 100lbs by 40 years of age which gives me fewer than ten months to get fit. Another goal that is equally important is keeping the weight off which is why I named my blog Happy Beyond Fit.  I want to really get to the root of what's eating me so that I don't turn into the Amazing Yo-Yo Dieter.

No one does yo-yo dieting better than the beautiful Kirstie Alley. Recently, Ms. Alley is back in the news for losing 100lbs at the tender age of 60 and looking more fabulous than ever! She has gained and lost twice as much weight over the years in the public eye and this time may be no more than a publicity stunt to market her Organic Liaison supplement but the damage she must be doing to her body is frightening to think about.

All this talk brings to mind celebrities that have been yo-yo dieters and met untimely demise. Although none of the deaths have ever been blamed on yo-yo dieting it makes me wonder... What all was going on with Anna Nicole Smith?....The late Luther Vandross?....He was one of the most soulful crooners of our time and one of my personal favorites candidly admitted to losing over 100lbs 13 times in his life!
We must not forget about our beloved gems that are still in the spotlight yet infamous yo-yo dieters....Janet Jackson....

...or the queen Oprah herself...


Experts vary on their opinion regarding the extent of harm that yo yo dieting causes.  Most agree however that the emotional impact as well as some serious cardiovascular implications are real.                                                        

An article in www.fittoday.com lists several  possible negative effects of yo yo dieting:
  1. The weight loss is temporary
  2. Inevitable re-gaining of weight may result in depression, stress and eating disorders.
  3. Fluctuating weight can also result in a higher risk of developing cancer and heart disease. 
  4. Hair loss and osteoporosis
  5. Fatigue and difficulty concentrating.                                                 
My goal is to remain steadfast, learn from others mistakes... and never ever under any circumstance become...
...the Amazing Yo-Yo Dieter....Blah -ha-ha-ha!

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