Sunday, October 9, 2011

How to lose 38 lbs in 68 days! PART I

Those who have struggled with being over weight for years like I have know there is no magic pill or surgery to cure obesity.  It can not be over simplified and it's dangerous effects should not be underestimated.  Here are a few steps that got me headed in the right direction. However I still have a long way to go...
Fear.  Have your doctor give you staggering results from blood work that basically state your body is 30 years older than your chronological age.
Divine intervention. When that voice from God, Allah, Buddha or whatever higher being you believe in speaks to you--get up and move. No questions.
Stop the madness. Stop putting garbage into your body.  You can't wean yourself off. I've tried and failed many times.  Just don't put the junk in your mouth.
Hydrate. Drink plenty of water.  Put down the coffee, tea and soda for a while (or forever) and drink water.  When you get tired of water don't drink Gatorade, instead buy Crystal Light or Walmart flavored drink packets and drink more water!
Protein. Eat plenty of protein to fill you up. Don't sabotage your diet initially by eating salads and drinking meal replacements.
Exercise. Get moving but don't overdo it! Initially 20 minutes should be enough. A little cardio and a little strength training.  An excellent website and tool that is free and down loadable to smart phones, ipods and PC's that track and monitor food consumption, calories, exercise. It also provides an online community of support.
Find your Happy Beyond Fit.  All the reasons why you have given up in the past and hold on to what motivates you. Believe in yourself, meditate and pray.

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