Friday, October 14, 2011

Sweetest Thing I've Ever Known

I demand a lot from myself and I'm constantly pushing myself beyond personal limits.
I often have friends and coworkers ask me why.  Anyone who knows me, really knows, already has the answer to this question.
Learning to adequately manage this constant pressure is key for me being Happy Beyond Fit.

The sweetest thing I've ever known...being a Mommy...
My babies deserve to have me around for their proms, graduations, weddings, when they become mommies....

My sweet girls...
...for her I say no to hamburger that are easy to grab for lunch

...for her I say no to seconds and vow to stop eating when I'm full

...for them I say yes to exercise, yes to water, yes to protein, yes to fiber,

...for them I say Thank you God for the sweetest thing I've ever known and thank you for another day and another opportunity to try to make it right. To be better. 
 What are your reasons to be Happy Beyond Fit?

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