Sunday, October 16, 2011

Did You Walk 5 Miles This Week?

This morning I got up early to hit the trail for my walk/jog/run fitness routine.

I got my favorite pal and best work out buddy Lewey and headed out the door.
Sadly, my baby Lewey wasn't in the mood for working out with me today...
So I headed on my way to the park by myself....

The park where I walk is absolutely beautiful...especially in the fall!

This morning I get to connect with nature without any disturbances...

1.25 miles and counting....

The Autumn foliage is so pretty I had to get a close-up!

I haven't played soccer in years...maybe I'll bring the girls to the park with me the next time...

Or we could pick up a game of Golf Frisbee!

1.50 mile finish but I'm not done... around again!
Now that I've made the choice to be more active I can't believe how many wonderful resources were right around the corner the whole time!

There is even an area to stretch for warm ups and cooling down.

So are you going to walk 5 miles this week?  I already walked 4 miles today...and I will do it tomorrow and the next day all the way until I find my Happy Beyond Fit!

I missed Lewey but I made a new friend along the way?

Until next time....

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