Sunday, October 9, 2011

How to Lose 38 lbs in 68 days! Part II

I moved quitetly but quite purposefully August 6, 2011 when I got out of my bed.  I put on my yoga pants and a t-shirt and my running shoes and started towards the walking trail at a park near my subdivision.  There were many people out already on the path to fitness; silver-haired grandmas, healthy-athletic runners, and one man so large it seemed a struggle for him just to take a step. I did not know what to do first but I knew I wanted the weight off. I needed to run but I hadn't ran in years.I forgot my Ipod at home. Maybe I should stretch to warm up? It was so overwhelming that I paniced and went home.
As I lay sobbing across my bed thinking of my impending doom I remembered a website that my doctor had recommended.  I was feeling quite emotional and hungry so I figured at least I can do something healthy regarding food.
I logged into which I had previously become a member and set a profile but never really took seriously. I spent time on MFP setting goals for weight loss.  I spent time online checking what the experts had to say about eating healthy.  But I already knew the right thing to do-- like most people-- it was just a matter of doing it ...right?
After careful consideration and reasonable deduction because I had been on some form of most diets listed I decided to do a no carb jump start and then slowly reintroduce in low carbs into my diet.
I boiled a dozen eggs.  I grilled chicken breasts on my George Foreman.  I bought the convenient handful of almonds from Trader Joe's and Crystal Light packets for bottle waters.
I ate eggs and chicken for two weeks but I ate.  If I got hungry I would eat almonds and if I was still hungry, even at 9pm I would scramble eggs. On busy fastfood nights with the girls practices and family obligations, when we didn't make it home for dinner, I would order a plain chicken breast from Wendy's no bun and a bottled water. 
I prayed.  I cried.  I reflected on how I could have let myself get to this point.  For the first time in a while I challenged my own notion of being happy.
I lost 12 pounds those first two weeks...

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