Thursday, October 20, 2011

My Skinny Sister...

Yes I have a skinny sister...and yes she has a fabulous figure and loves to work out!


We are not the Brady's!!!!!
There is no Marcia, Marcia, Marcia!...only support and encouragement from this sisterly relationship.

My skinny sister has never reminded me that I was fat...even when my mother did...especially when the world did.  She has been my traveling buddy and my confidant...and as I have embarked on this journey to become Happy Beyond Fit...she has been my loudest cheerleader!

 As the weight, now slowly, continues to fall off I wonder if I will ever fit into my sister's skinny jeans?
Figuratively...of course!

When I look at my sister and her physical make-up it makes me wonder if there is a fat gene?  Our father is in his late sixties and has always had an athletic build but he has always been very active.  My sister and her daughter have a similar athletic build but my sister is a runner and works hard at keeping her body fit even through illness.  My other sister is average size but me ..oh boy.  251...that was the fatal number.

You can watch this video and see what you believe but here are a few things that I believe are true:
  1. The is an undeniable genetic link to obesity
  2. Environmental issues impact weight also
  3. You don't have to stay overweight
  4. Exercise and eating right don't always guarantee a healthy weight
  5. Self awareness coupled with healthy food choices and portions along with exercise will lead you on the path to becoming Happy Beyond Fit!
So while I may never be able to fit into my skinny sister's jeans I know that she will be there encouraging me along the way. 

Even when I eat a half box of Dots....
...she reminds me that I am only human!

When I hadn't seen her in about 6 weeks and had lost the first 30lbs she used words like...

So Skinny Sister Thanks for the encouragement and Thanks for going on my journey with me!

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